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Truck Accidents

18-wheelers share the road with motorists on some of the busiest streets in Texas. These massive vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Accidents involving 18-wheelers can often lead to catastrophic consequences due to their size and weight. Unfortunately, drivers and passengers can suffer significant damages if involved in an 18-wheeler accident. Luckily, J. Chad Parker has the experience and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve. He is your local Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer.

Investigate The 18-Wheeler Accident

It’s important to realize that an 18-wheeler accident cannot be treated like a regular car accident. The stakes are higher due to the size and weight of the 18-wheeler. Which are subject to both state and federal regulations. For instance, truck drivers must have a specific license and are restricted to a certain number of driving hours.

J. Chad Parker, your 18-wheeler accident attorney, will investigate your case for any violations of truck regulations. We thoroughly examine the collision, which may involve engaging experts to assess and replicate the events leading up to it.

In 18-wheeler accident cases, it may not be immediately apparent which parties are involved. We investigate every relevant individual and organization to your claim, such as the cargo owner and loader, maintenance and repair providers, and the trucker’s driving history, as well as the motor carrier’s accident and violation records.

The purpose of this research is to determine who is responsible for the accident and, more crucially, who is liable for any damages. Identifying the legal responsibility for your injuries or losses is vital to your claim, but it can be a challenge to do so independently. We advise you to hire an attorney experienced in 18-wheeler accidents to conduct this investigation for you.

Why Choose J. Chad Parker?

18-wheeler accident lawyer, J. Chad Parker has represented 18-wheeler companies over the past twenty years. He has an exceptional understanding of the Federal Motor Case Safely regulation and their applicability to an 18-wheeler accident lawsuit. The same strategies employed by auto adjusters apply to the commercial driver’s adjuster. This is why you need J. Chad Parker. His 25 years of experience in trucking litigation sets you up for success. Chad has developed relationships with numerous experts over the years that are essential to proving your case and maximizing your recovery.

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