Most Common Causes of Texas Car Accidents

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Most Common Causes of Texas Car Accidents

In the year 2021, more than 235,000 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the state of Texas. Because of those results, Texas experienced an increase in the number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities. If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident, please continue to read on. Afterward, contact an experienced Tyler, TX car accident attorney to learn more about the most common causes of car accidents in Texas.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents In Texas

Based on data from the Texas Department of Transportation, the most common causes of car accidents in Texas are as follows:

  • Backing out without safety.
  • Changing lanes in an unsafe manner.
  • Texting while driving/talking on the phone while driving.
  • Disregard to stop and go signs.
  • Disregard to red and green lights.
  • Failure to control speed.
  • Failure to drive in a single lane.
  • Failure to Yield-Row stop sign.
  • Followed too closely.
  • Driving under the influence.
  • Turning when it was unsafe to do so.

See more statistics from TxDOT here

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