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From The Desk Of J.Chad Parker

How do you know you have the most successful accident attorney?
People always argue about who is the best or most successful at anything. It really
depends on how you define success.

As an attorney, there are many factors that lead to determining whether or not you are successful or have a successful office that benefits your clients as opposed to simply yourself. Most people can understand that the worst thing that ever happens to a person or family member ends up being the better case for a lawyer.

Those cases can translate into settlement numbers that are extremely large. That may give a true sense of the lawyer being a success or it could be an indicator of just simply how bad the case was.

Also, insurance adjusters working on a particular claim or the insurance company themselves play a role in deciding what is to be offered or paid in a particular claim or lawsuit. Most people don’t have a million-dollar case.


Some Of The Best Outcomes Have Been On Cases That Most Would Think Were

They either turned out well for a client who really needed help or money for a
variety of reasons. It also may have been that I had overcome things, unknown to anyone, that
lead to the settlement being a success.

At the end of one’s life, it is often said that a successful life involves the number of people’s lives you have helped or improved.
I think that is more true for an accident attorney than for anyone.
I believe the key to my success is that I genuinely care about people
and it is not something that can be “created” or faked.


People Really Understand When They Talk To Me That I Care About Them.

To be a successful accident attorney I also show how I care by the effort I put forward in writing my client’s individual demands
and negotiating with the insurance company directly on their behalf.
While money is always an indicator of success it is not the only indicator.

Many people show up at my office and sign a contract with me to represent them every month. To me,
that is an indicator that I am doing something right. Many of the people come to me because
they were referred to me by a family member or friend or I had represented them in the past.
Success means that word has gotten around that you are somebody that cares and is effective
in handling their case.


I Strive To Be A Successful Accident Attorney Every Single Day.

A specific case that may bring me the most amount of money is not my main focus.
It means that each and every day I do something that advances the “value” of my client’s cases.

I am fortunate to have been very successful financially. I am most proud of the fact that I
continue to work hard on behalf of my clients. I do what very few others can say, I write
all of my client’s demand letters myself.


Being The Most Successful Accident Attorney Means That You Stay Involved

For me, that means knowing the client’s case. It allows me to better communicate in ways that
could be helpful in getting the case resolved earlier and hopefully for more money. My many
years as an insurance lawyer has brought insight into some of the strategies I utilize for my
client’s benefit.

How could I possibly know whether a case should be settled or a lawsuit be filed if I am not
the one making the decision as opposed to someone else in my office?

My hands-on approach for each individual case contributes to what I believe is the overall success.
I am not the only one that plays a role in what ultimately is a success. I lead my office staff
to do the things that I would do, in the ways that I would do them, in the jobs that they carry out
for me.

We are going to treat everyone with respect.

We are also going to expect a level of honesty in return.
My goal is to be the most Successful Accident Attorney in your specific case for you.
I will do my best to exceed your expectations while at the same time not prolonging your case with unrealistic goals.

At the end of the day, there is a perfect “sweet spot” when your case is resolved with the least amount of expense
for the maximum value at the earliest time.

Let me be a success for you.