Posting on Social Media After a Car Accident | What to Know

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Nowadays, we spend a lot of our time on social media. It is the norm to keep our loved ones updated through different apps. We document everything, the good and the bad. If you are involved in a car accident, you will likely be tempted to post about it on social media. You probably wish to keep your friends and family in the loop regarding your injury and your recovery. While this may seem like a harmless act, it can seriously impact your personal injury claim. Read on to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of using social media after a car accident.

The Other Party is Probably Watching

Many people believe that making their accounts private will protect them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even if you have private social media accounts, defense attorneys may still be able to access your information. If you file a personal injury claim, it is likely that the other party’s insurance company, and their attorney, will be watching your social media.

Why Are They Looking at my Social Media?

The other party is likely watching your social media to see if you post something that contradicts your claim. For example, if you claim your car accident has impacted your ability to walk, and then you post a photo of yourself on a hike, this can be used against you to disprove your claim and undermine your credibility. It is important that you do not accept new followers during this time unless you know them personally, as they may be someone from the other party seeking access to your information.

So What Can I Post?

Ideally, you won’t post on social media at all until your case is settled. If you do post, ensure that you do not mention anything about your accident or injury. Additionally, do not post any selfies or photos of your recovery process, as this can be used against you. Lastly, ensure that your friends and family are aware of this and avoid posting and tagging any photos of you.

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