Quarterback of A Law Firm Team

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J. Chad Parker writing in his office at his desk

The Quarterback of A Law Firm Team

Everyone knows that the quarterback is the most important position on a football team, they are considered the leader of the team. It is the most important position because all team members, the opponent, the rules, and the environment intersect with this one individual. The quarterback of a law firm team does not do everything but is responsible for executing the plays and usually gets too much credit for the wins and too much criticism for the losses. I started as the quarterback in junior high and high school for my respective teams in Tyler, Texas. I then went on to the University of Texas at Austin to run the scout team as the quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. It is safe to say, I have the experience of being a quarterback. I have always looked for opportunities to succeed, not fearing failure.

The Law Firm Team

My law office, located in Tyler, Texas, operates very similarly to the situation I just described.  As the quarterback of a law firm team, I will get most of the credit for your legal representation, while much of it deserves to be placed on my legal team. Just like the offensive line on a football team, I have a Tyler law office that I lead. It is filled with people that work in reception, those that order medical records, and those that help move my client’s case along until it is ready for me to quarterback the case. I make decisions on which way the case will go or what we will do next. That could involve deciding to approve certain medical treatments for you that will lead to a better resolution of your symptoms and potentially a larger settlement offer.

It may involve stopping you from continuing treatment. Medical treatment is usually prescribed for a certain amount of time. If the results do not show improvement in that period of time, it is often not beneficial to continue something that is not working. Sometimes clients do not understand this decision. Yet, it is consistent with the medical standard of care, and it usually ends up being better for our clients.

The Strategy

I write all my client’s individual demands. That is what I consider to be my job as the quarterback of your case. Letting a legal assistant write your demand is like using a backup quarterback when the starter was available. Chances are that the results would not be the same. My fan base is a single individual, and it is you. Being the quarterback of your case, sometimes I have to deliver the news to the fan base. Whether it is good or bad.

Sometimes a quarterback tells a player things they do not want to hear. The unpleasant message does not intend to injure them personally yet to tell them something they need to know. A relationship built on trust makes it easier to do. If you trust what I am saying, you understand I have no agenda for what I am telling you. If I tell you that your case is not worth more. It is helpful to understand I have years of experience in handling these matters.

The End Result

Clients often want a certain amount of money in their pocket without understanding how this is not always possible. Usually, at the end of the case, I am either the hero or the one who is criticised. I understand that is part of being the quarterback in someone’s case. I am up to the challenge and truly believe that I can help anybody understand if they have enough information. If you believe in me, or the quarterback of a law firm team, make sure to contact my Tyler law office to get the best legal representation that you need so that you don’t get hurt twice.