Symptom Diaries and How They Can Help You

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If you place your personal injury case in the hands of a skilled attorney, there won’t be much for you to do when it comes to your case. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to gather evidence, defend your case, and fight for the compensation you deserve. You may wish to help your attorney, but you’re unsure of how you can participate. This is where a symptom diary may come in. What is a symptom diary? What do you put in it? How can it help you? Read on to learn more.

What is a Symptom Diary?

A symptom diary is what it sounds like: a diary in which you track your symptoms. A symptom diary can take many forms. It may be a hand-written diary, a typed document, a spreadsheet, a detailed calendar, and so on. In this diary, you will be able to record your symptoms related to your injury.

Why Would I Use a Symptom Diary?

You will be able to present medical bills and documents to prove the financial toll your injury has taken on you. But, another important aspect of injuries is the physical and emotional toll it can take as well. You may now struggle with pain, mobility, independence, and so on. You may miss out on doing the things you love, losing out on experiences, and more. You deserve compensation for these burdens in addition to just the financials.

What Should I Put in it?

The most important rule to follow when it comes to your symptom diary is to be honest. If you lie, exaggerate, or embellish, you run the risk of losing credibility, which would be a serious detriment to the trial. Instead, be honest and explanatory. Record what hurts and when. Discuss your pain on a scale of 1-10. How did it impact you today? Did you cancel plans? Have trouble sleeping? Have a difficult day emotionally as a result of the physical symptoms? All of these things can help you when it comes to your case, especially since this will serve as a way to keep track of your injury, your appointments, etc. When asked questions, you will have detailed responses prepared in your diary.

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