Why Should I Avoid Social Media After Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

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It is important to understand that posting on social media after filing a personal injury claim can do more harm than good. Do not wait to reach out to our skilled Tyler, TX personal injury attorneys to learn more.

Why should I avoid posting on social media after I filed a personal injury claim?

In most instances, when you file a claim against a person that caused your injury, you are typically dealing with that person’s insurance company, rather than the person themself. Usually, an insurance company will want to get to the matter, rather than help the injured party. As a result, insurance companies will generally observe the social media accounts of those who bring claims against them to see if they post anything that even remotely disagrees with their claim. For instance, if you are asserting that you broke your leg due to another’s negligence, but then post a picture of you at a dance, the insurance company can use that evidence, even brought out of context to demonstrate that “you are not really hurt.” Because of this, you should refrain from posting until your claim is settled to be certain that there were no problems stopping you from getting the compensation you need.

What are the best things you can do after being injured in an accident?

  • Switch your social media accounts to private.
    • Set your accounts to private and avoid accepting any new follow requests unless they are from people you know.
    • If you fail to do this, you may be accepting a request from someone from the other side attempting to obtain your information.
  • Hold off on posting statements or photos.
    • You may accidentally admit fault if you tell the story of your accident. Even the slightest misphrase can influence your case.
  • Warn your friends and family.
    • You should ask that your friends and family do not post any photos of or with you.
  • Avoid posting too frequently.
    • Your emotional suffering may be a large aspect of your personal injury case. If you post too frequently, you may seem emotionally unchanged. Also, if you reassure your friends and family that you are doing well, you are also giving the defense access to this information, which can be used to their benefit.

If you were hurt as a result of another’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. It is in your best interest to reach out to our firm today to learn more about your next steps with your claim. Our skilled Tyler, TX personal injury attorneys are on your side.

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