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Chad Parker Personal Injury Attorney In Tyler Texas

J. Chad Parker, your local East Texas attorney, is known for his cut-to-the-chase, straightforward assessment of your case. He welcomes all meritorious injury claims and no matter your situation. He will tenaciously fight for the positive outcome you deserve. J. Chad Parker will help you recover full compensation for your injuries and ensure you receive proper and professional medical treatment, regardless of whether you have health insurance. His 20 years of experience as an insurance defense lawyer is invaluable in helping you achieve a successful outcome. His vast trial experience and jury verdicts over nearly 3 decades of service make him a formidable opponent for any insurance company that is not treating you fairly.
East Texas attorney, J. Chad Parker has been board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1998. Keep in mind that many lawyers interested in your case are unskilled and are not a member of your local community–fortunately, our firm is both highly skilled and conveniently located in Tyler, Texas. You should feel comfortable with your legal representation before signing a contract. J. Chad Parker asks that you speak with him first, and then decide your next step forward. J. Chad Parker’s reputation and past success ensure that he will resolve your case based on merit, as opposed to another attorney’s lack of experience. Contact your local East Texas attorney, J. Chad Parker today. He will make sure that you, don’t get hurt twice!

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