This podcast explains how your actions affect your medical records and ultimately the perception of your case. Being specific and proactive will benefit you in the end.

No two cases are the same. There are many factors that can affect the settlement value of your case. Learn what some of those are.

Being prepared means having been there before. Many of you have not but this podcast is the ultimate preparation guide for giving a deposition.

There are very few qualified lawyers in relation to oil field accidents. This podcast gives you insights into determining whether you have one or what to find in one you wish to hire.

Don’t learn the hard way that life is not fair. This is an invaluable episode about insurance coverages and the protection of your family because many people are driving around without any insurance.

A more detailed look into the lawyer that you hired or if not the qualities of a person that you may want in the lawyer that you chose to hire. How J. Chad Parker got to where he is today

Prevent the actual evidence from being lost. First impressions are lasting, make sure you preserve the scene of the collision in many ways that you might not have thought of.

With all the lawyers advertising to represent you in a car wreck, how do you know who is best for you? This podcast addresses many of the questions that you may have about who the right lawyer for you is.

This episode is a guided tour for those treated by EMS at the scene of the collision all the way to a surgery as a direct result of a car accident.

Trials are risky, and this podcast episode explores the risks and factors that should be considered when deciding to go forward with a trial in your case

Mediation is no longer a fixed moment in time in a case. This episode explains how it has evolved to become a tool that can be utilized at any point in the process.