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Top Factors In A Strong Personal Injury Case

Being involved in an injury or an accident isn’t something you tend to think about. When and if you are, you need to be prepared. There are multiple factors that will help make a strong personal injury case. It’s important to learn more about the factors that influence your case. This will help you do your part to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve

The Severity of Your Injury

Severe injuries are going to play a significant factor in the value of your personal injury case. For example, a neck and or back strain will carry less value than a severe brain injury or broken bone. The reason for this is that severe injuries oftentimes require more medical needs and can keep you out of work for a longer period of time.

Pre-existing Injuries

Insurance companies may attempt to reduce the amount they pay out by claiming you had a pre-existing injury. Nonetheless, you could still have a valid case. For example, if you had low back pain before the accident and an MRI showed only a minor disk bulge, but after the accident, another MRI revealed a major herniated disk that required surgery that you did not have before the collision.

Medical Treatment

Large settlements occur when post-injury medical treatment involves either doctors or hospitals. Another factor that goes into play is the duration of your recovery period. For example, longer recoveries mean that there will be a significant amount of follow-up appointments and prescriptions for medical treatment.

Certainty of Liability

Can the defendant be held responsible for the injuries? The answer certainly affects the settlement’s worth. When the opposite party is 100% to blame, settlements usually reach the maximum value of the case.

The insurance company assesses liability based on a percentage. For example, 50/50 liability, and 80/20 liability. The insurance company will offer that percentage in damages.

Whether or Not You Can Work

Another major factor of compensation in personal injury cases is lost income. If the victim cannot attend work, they are losing money. Unfortunately, this is the case for many victims. In other instances, the victim is able to work, but not to their full capacity as they could before the injury. This often times results in lower income. Injury victims need to be compensated for any income that has been lost as a result of an injury.

Your Lawyer

You will need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. Of course, representing yourself is allowed. But from our experience, it doesn’t work out too well. Whenever you send the insurance company a handwritten letter asking them to pay you, they might not take you very seriously. On the other hand, whenever a Tyler, Texas Personal Injury Attorney sends the insurance company a formal lawsuit served to the insured, the company will more than likely take the case very seriously and pay you more money. That is one of the many reasons that we recommend getting a personal injury attorney in your corner.

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