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Riding a motorcycle is usually enjoyable, exciting, and is oftentimes an efficient form of transportation. Motorcycles are frequently cheaper to buy, maintain, and fill with gas. Despite all this, motorcyclists are more prone to sustaining injuries in accidents than other motorists. Depending on the severity of the accident it could have long-ranging consequences. In many cases, even if you take extreme care while riding, take a safe cycling course, and observe all the traffic laws, you could still be involved in a severe accident. If you have been injured in a Texas motorcycle accident, contact the experienced legal team at J. Chad Parker. He is your experienced motorcycle injury attorney. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Causes of a Motorcycle Accident

Though motorcyclists are offered little protection from the world around them, they still must share the same roads as all other vehicles. Many factors may contribute to a motorcycle accident, so you must gather as much evidence about your accident as possible to fulfill the burden of proof in a lawsuit. Some of the primary causes of motorcycle accidents include the following:

  • Another motorist’s failure to yield
  • Rear-end collisions Potholes, road obstructions, and uneven pavement
  • Poor weather conditions, such as torrential downpours that reduce visibility and control
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Recovering the Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident

Often times, several issues arise out of motorcycle accidents. For example, you may no longer have a means of transportation, you may be suffering from severe injuries, and you may be having difficulties paying your bills. To make matters worse, insurance companies may try and get you to settle your claim for an inadequate amount that does not fully cover the cost of your injuries. To better understand your circumstances and the legal path going forward, you must speak with an attorney who has a working knowledge of the medical issues related to your injuries.

Why chose J. Chad Parker?

If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a motorcycle crash, and you live in Tyler, TX or elsewhere in East Texas, you can get the legal advice you need by talking with Tyler, Texas motorcycle attorney J. Chad Parker. He is an experienced, Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer and he knows the tactics, strategies and methods utilized in trying to resolve a claim with an injured person.

It’s often suggested that injured persons are trying to get as much as possible. But, it is equally true that insurance companies are trying to pay as little as possible. His competitive, intelligent, and aggressive style is exactly what you need when seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. He knows your rights, and he can provide you with a realistic outcome based on your case’s circumstances. He will work hard to earn you the results you deserve. Contact J. Chad Parker, PLLC today to learn how we can assist you.

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If you have been seriously injured in a Texas motorcycle accident, you must consider your legal options. At J. Chad Parker, PLLC, we have over 25 years of experience proudly representing clients who have suffered physical, emotional, and financial burdens at the hand of another party’s negligence. We recognize the impacts that an accident of this nature can have and are here to help. For strong legal representation when it matters most, contact J. Chad Parker, PLLC today.