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J. Chad Parker, PLLC


A personal injury lawyer fights for you. They want you to get the best compensation possible. But that’s really all you know. What exactly does a Tyler, Texas personal injury lawyer do? A personal injury attorney can provide legal representation and guidance to individuals who have suffered an injury. Here is what a personal injury lawyer typically does in a case:

Investigate the Circumstance:

The first step a personal lawyer will take is to investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury. This may involve interviewing witnesses, pulling accident reports, requesting body or dash cam footage for the police, reviewing medical records and examining physical evidence.

Determine Liability:

Once the olive have gathered all relevant information, they will determine who is liable for causing the collision to the best of their knowledge. If it is determined that another person or entity is at fault, then a personal injury lawyer will begin building a case to prove liability. 

Negotiate with Insurance Companies:

There are many times that the insurance company will try to give you the least amount possible in a settlement. In many cases, a Tyler, Texas personal injury lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to try to secure a fair settlement. This may involve negotiating with the other party’s insurance company, your own company or both. 

File a Lawsuit:

In a fair settlement cannot be reached, a personal injury lawyer may file a lawsuit on your behalf. They will represent you in court and present evidence to support your case. This is a huge advantage to having a personal injury lawyer in your corner. They won’t allow you to get taken advantage of.

Seek Compensation

A personal injury lawyer will work to help you recover compensation for your injuries, which may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. For example, if you’ve been out of work due to personal injury, a Tyler, Texas personal injury lawyer will help you recover the loss in income.

Why Should You Choose A Tyler, Texas Personal Injury Lawyer 

Although personal injury lawyers do a lot of work for you, you need to make sure to chose a local personal injury lawyer. There are several reason why you may want to hire a Tyler, Texas personal injury lawyer. Some reasons include the following:

Local Knowledge

A Tyler, Texas personal injury lawyer will have knowledge of the local court system and Texas personal injury laws. They can use this knowledge to your advantage and help you navigate the legal process more effectively. 


A personal injury lawyer who has experience handling personal injury cases in Tyler, Texas will have a better understanding of the local legal landscape and the tactics that insurance companies may use to minimize your claim.  

Personal Attention

Personal injury cases can be emotionally and physically challenging, and you want a lawyer who will be attentive to your needs and concerns. A personal injury lawyer can provide the personalized attention and care that you need to help you navigate the legal process and achieve a successful outcome.  


Having a personal injury lawyer in close proximity to where you live or your work can be a convenient option, as it can help avoid the stress and expense of traveling to meet with your lawyer. As we all know, the East Texas market is unique. Thats’s why its important to chose someone like J. Chad Parker , who is very knowledgeable about the community. 

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Overall, a personal injury lawyer can provide legal representation and guidance to help you recover compensation for your injuries. They can provide the personalized attention and care you need to navigate the legal process effectively. That’s why we recommend that you contact J. Chad Parker. He will fight for you ti make sure you Don’t Get Hurt Twice!